Our Health & Wellbeing Workshops cover a variety of themes, which combine to improve physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.  They are designed to provide people an opportunity to learn something new and different, to enable them to make a positive change in their own life, which will benefit themselves and often the people around them, in the workplace and beyond. We can tailor to meet your requirements, whether you would like a full days programme of workshops, or lunch and learn sessions.

Workshop themes include

Mental Health in The Workplace

Just like physical health we all have mental health.

There is growing awareness of the importance of good workplace mental health and wellbeing. This workshop aims to provide useful insight into mental health, along with sharing helpful tools and tips for managers to enable them to feel more confident in picking up early warning signs where mental ill health may be impacting on an employees, attendance, performance and engagement.

We also have a similar workshop for the wider workforce that provides useful insight into mental health, sharing tools and tips for people to develop better self awareness about their own mental wellbeing, by knowing what the early warning signs are and what can be done to maintain good mental health.

Health & Wellbeing Management

The aim of this workshop is to explain the concept of health and wellbeing. We look at the different aspects of our lives, including physical, emotional and mental, which have an impact on our work / life balance and what can be done to make that impact a positive one.

The Menopause (The Last Taboo)

This workshop aims to breakdown some barriers, dispel some myths and provide useful tips about managing the menopause, we create a supportive environment to allow women to share their experiences and enable them cope with the impact the menopause can have on life at work and outside of work.

Coping Under Pressure

In this workshop we look at the different pressures, which we all face in our lives, we look at the causes of stress and the associated symptoms. We then introduce different tools and techniques, which can be effective in helping cope with pressure / stress

Food & Mood

Our bodies need fuel for energy, putting in the right fuel can have a dramatic impact. The aim of this workshop is to look at how and what we eat & drink affect’s us both physically and mentally. We pass on tools and tips to improve diet, which then improve energy levels and mood, all of which can lead to a healthy life and achieving a better balance.

What NoBODY Can Do Without

This workshop aims to inspire individuals to make positive choices towards great and lasting health, raising awareness on hydration, good oils and the principles of a whole food diet.  Looking at 5 key things that their body needs to thrive.

Confidence & Self Esteem

This workshop looks at what makes us tick as individuals, so we can gain a better understanding of ourselves, looking at the barriers which hold us back and affect self esteem and confidence. We finish by introducing tools and techniques to improve self-esteem and confidence.

Seasonal Workshops – Coping with Winter

This workshop looks how best to cope with and beat the Winter blues, with the focus on seasonal health issues, the physical, mental and emotional demands of the winter months, providing useful, practical advice and tools for participants to use.

Sweet Dreams

A recent study has highlighted that 200,000 working days are lost in the UK as a result of sleep deprivation.  This workshop aims to provide useful tools and tips to people who suffer from sleep deprivation.  We look at ways to improve sleep quality and management, to enable a person to face each new day feeling energised.

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