Stress-coaching-buttonStress continues to remain one of the main causes of sickness absence and impacts on the performance of individuals and teams.

The definition of work related stress, according to the HSE is “The adverse reaction people have to excessive pressures or other types of demand placed on them at work.”

However people often are reacting to pressures from multiple aspects of their life and when ignored the impact of symptoms may start to affect a persons performance, engagement and relationships at work.  Symptoms may be physical, mental and emotional and at Evolve we look to help people understand how stress and pressure may be affect them personally.   We work with organisations to develop their skills in recognising stress and improving resilience, this is often at management level and by helping Managers understand more about what the warning signs and how they can respond, whether it is their own stress or others we see positive changes happen.

We do this through stress coaching, taking a proactive approach to change behaviour and attitudes, either by 1 to 1 coaching with individuals or programmes and workshops for teams.

We also run a stress focused workshop for called Coping Under Pressure, click here to find out more

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