Workplace Wellbeing

We work to see…

People reaching their full potential, leading a balanced healthy life and recognising the importance of being well, to work well, to live well.

In todays commercial and business world the wellbeing of your employees has never been more important.

Developing good practice and a culture which recognises the importance of promoting health and wellbeing will see an organisation reap the rewards through improved employee engagement, performance and attendance, which all has a positive impact on your bottom line.

It can often be the small things that make a big difference and we provide support and solutions that are focused on providing insight that can lead to a happier, more resilient and productive workforce.

Our consultancy services include:


  • Carry out an audit of current policy / strategy and practices
  • Employee wellbeing survey
  • Feedback of results


  • Create tailored policy / strategy with clear aims and measurable outcomes
  • Support implementation of wellbeing strategies
  • Provide mentoring and coaching to develop wellbeing champions within your organisation


  • 1 to 1 support for individuals
  • Wellbeing workshops (see our current workshop offer)
  • Referrals and signposting to specialist wellbeing services

Please get in touch with Clair or Jenny to find out more about our Workplace Wellbeing services, we are happy to arrange to meeting to discuss how we can help.

Tel:  0845 0525261