Mental Health at Work

There is a growing awareness of Mental Health in the workplace, but stigmas still exist and businesses are only just starting to tackle to challenge of improving how they cope with the impact of poor mental health amongst their workforce.   We work with businesses in tackling the challenge of improving mental health at work and offer a range of services to support employers so they can feel better equipped and confident about supporting employees who may have a mental health problem.

We help can help you develop skills and understanding amongst your Line Managers through workshops, enabling them to spot the early warning signs , to have a conversation and offer support to an employee who may be needing some help.

Mental Health Awareness sessions for employees to help improve their understanding of their own mental wellbeing and learn ways to maintain and improve it.

Working with you to develop your Mental Health at Work Strategy to ensure your organisation from top to bottom feels comfortable about talking about Mental Health.

By investing in Mental Health at Work your business will have a stronger, happier and engaged workforce who will contribute to continued growth and success.

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