About Evolve

At The Evolve Organisation we combine extensive experience, knowledge and skills in managing and developing people and organisations.  We put a proactive approach to wellbeing at the core of what is achieved because we have a strong believe that if people have a clear sense of their own wellbeing then they will be more engaged and productive in their work, which in turn has a positive impact on a business.

Clair Starr

Clair has worked in the field of therapy for over 20 years, her experience and insight into working with people on an individual level helps them overcome barriers, discover more about themselves and realise their full potential in work and life.  Her enthusiasm and passion is infectious.

Outside of work Clair has a passion for riding her horse and enjoying the Suffolk countryside.

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Jenny Beech

Jenny brought her extensive management experience and knowledge to Evolve, having long recognised the positive impact wellbeing can have on a business.  She has worked with businesses to help them identify ways to improve and implement workplace health and wellbeing programmes that benefit both employees and the business.

Outside of work Jenny focuses on trying to achieve the work life balance that she so often talks to businesses about.  She does this by getting on her bike, taking a regular “shuffle” and enjoying time with family and friends and last but not least good, healthy food.

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